My Story

Father, Husband, Musician, Studio Engineer, Producer, Composer, Skateboarder.
20+ years experience in Graphic and Web Design.

I have a pretty unique background, covering a lot of different areas of creative DIY lifestyle, which I think lends to my diverse range of passions. Through the late 80’s and into the 90’s I was a sponsored skateboarder, skating for global brands like Spitfire, Thunder, Venture, Tour Skates and more. As I phased out of competitive skateboarding in the mid-90’s I began playing music and touring internationally. This lit the fire behind my DIY ethics, leading me to book my own tours, release my own records, design my own flyers and artwork and eventually designing flyers, records and t-shirts for numerous other bands. In the year 2000 I decided I should take my self-taught DIY design experiences to the test and get a degree in Graphic Design.

Straight out of art school I was picked up by local alternative weekly, Fahrenheit Magazine to be their Art Director and Webmaster. Having been thrown right into the hot seat, I quickly picked up everything from branding & naming to page layout, print production, environmental design and full-blown front & back-end Web design. After a two year stint with Fahrenheit, I began working with – an educational software supplier and online magazine as their Webmaster. Here I was able to expand my knowledge of Internet Technology working side by side with .Net, PHP, ASP and ColdFusion programmers to take my designs and create cutting edge, user-friendly interfaces for teachers and students nationwide. Since then I have worked for and/or contracted for numerous award-winning advertising and marketing agencies like Epicenter Advertising, Geary Interactive, Parker White, Wednesday Seven and many more…

While my day job has continued to remain in the realm of Graphic and Web design, my evenings and weekends are spent making music, studio engineering, producing and scoring film (you can still occasionally catch me skateboarding as well). To see a summary of some of the agency’s I’ve worked for, bands I’ve played in, and films I’ve scored, read on…

My Resume

“Demetrius stands alone in his field — his talents and collaborative creative energies are superlative. He is always creative, cooperative and collaborative. I have been in this tumultuous world of corporate communications for more than 20 years, and I always do, and always will, choose Demetrius as the designer of choice. The best!”

Kurt Bauer, KB Design

“Demetrius took our dated old brand and turned it into something new and fresh. His keen eye for marketing design helped our business triple in size in just three years.”

Katie Blizzard , Professional Maintenance Systems

“Working with Demetrius is a joy. He’s like family.”

Ingrid Croce, Croce's Restaurant

“Without Demetrius’s help with all of our branding, website and social media advertising, I honestly do not think we would have won our campaign.”

Jack Shu, City Council Candidate

“I have worked with Demetrius on pro-bono design and communication projects for our children’s school since 2009. He is an extremely involved parent and approaches his role as our Communications Team Chair with professionalism and a positive attitude.”

Bridget Gast, Sparrow Charter School

Some Accolades 

Agencies I’ve Worked With:

  • Epicenter Advertising & Marketing
  • Premise Marketing
  • Immersive Youth Marketing
  • Engage Youth
  • Geary Interactive
  • Bulldog Drummond
  • Triple Point Interactive
  • San Diego Small Business Advertising
  • MAD Group
  • Parker White
  • Redeye Creative
  • Tribe Creative
  • 395 Marketing
  • Wednesday Seven
  • Education World
  • Fahrenheit Magazine

Check out the Graphic Design section for a client list and portfolio samples of my work.

Bands I’ve Played In:

  • Five time San Diego Music Award nominee, two time winner (Best Alternative Album of the Year, Best Alternative Band)
  • TULPA LUNA (formerly Warsaw) – SD Music Award Nomination
  • I Will Destroy You
  • ANA
  • KATA
  • Adam Gnade (collaboration)
  • Ilya – SD Music Award Nomination
  • Goodbye Blue Monday – Two time SD Music Award Winner (Best Alternative Album of the Year, Best Alternative Band)
  • The Dropscience
  • Aleph Research
  • Sterling Silver
  • The Champagne Kiss
  • The Trans Megetti
  • Baxter
  • God.Like.Diablo

Check out the Sound Design section for links to music and videos.

Films I’ve Scored:

  • Bug
  • A Forest
  • Deadline
  • Fanboy

Studio Engineering and Producing:

  • Aaimon
  • Xenos
  • Strange Ages
  • Tactical Ffever
  • Leavers
  • Jonah Matranga/Geoff Hill
  • KATA
  • ANA
  • Ilya

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